Briza Makes Moving to Canada Easy

Kevin Bracken
August 31, 2021

Briza has global hiring in its DNA. Since the very beginning, Briza has looked both within and beyond Canada’s borders for the best technical talent on the planet, and supported people whether they choose to work remotely, or move to Canada with their families. At our company, 80% of employees speak a second language, and many of our global hires have chosen to move.

Toronto has one of the fastest growing tech industries in the world, and Canada continues to support technology companies hiring from overseas. This support is best illustrated by the Global Talent Stream, an incredible, made-in-Canada program whose basic points are: 

  • You can move to Canada two weeks after your visa approval. 
  • You can bring your spouse, who can work in Canada immediately.
  • You can bring your children, who can attend school or university immediately.

Please note: only developers or engineers with 5+ years of experience are eligible for this program.  

Briza will assist with all of your immigration paperwork and fees. However, the last thing we want to do is simply send people a job offer and say, “Good luck in Canada!” Much of Briza’s global hiring is aided by a Toronto-based tech talent firm called Global Skills Hub, a company with deep ties to Briza. Global Skills Hub has helped tech professionals relocate to Canada from all over the world, including Brazil, Nigeria, India, Ukraine, South Africa, the United States, and many more.

Making people’s journeys from their home country to their new homes in Canada as seamless as possible is of the greatest importance for Global Skills Hub and Briza. Moe Nazariha, Global Skills Hub’s VP of Talent, spoke about what comes after the job offer is accepted: “As an immigrant to Canada myself, I understand all the life changes you need to adjust to. This is why we help people find phone plans, open a bank account, find a place to live, sort out spouses’ and children’s immigration, get gap insurance, purchase what is sometimes the first winter coat they’ve ever needed, and so much more — completely free for the employee.”    

Toronto is not only a hub for some of the brightest minds in Canada, but it is a bustling, cosmopolitan, global destination. Our city is proud of the fact that over half of its residents are foreign-born (the largest proportion on earth!), has massive enclaves of nationalities from around the world, and ranks at or near the top of “world’s most liveable cities” lists, year after year. A recent Gallup poll also found that Canada is the most welcoming to immigrants of any country on the planet. 

We chose Briza for the epic market challenge they’re taking on, for the vibrant software scene in Toronto, and for the livability of this city. Their immigration partner, Global Skills Hub, was extremely helpful in getting my family’s visas taken care of, and for helping us understand everything we’d need to do in order to relocate. My fellow Brizans rolled out the welcome mat and are helping us feel at home in our new city. —Erin, Senior Principal Engineer

With its diversity, booming tech economy, world-class dining and entertainment options, low crime, excellent schools, and high quality of life, Toronto is becoming one of the premier global destinations for tech professionals. Briza will aid in your entire move, from paying your immigration fees, to arriving at the airport, to settling in.

If you work best from your home country, that’s great! Briza is a distributed team, and we want people to work wherever they like. However, Toronto has the world to offer you, and we will fully support you and your family in the immigration process to Canada.  

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Kevin Bracken

Kevin Bracken is a post-exit startup founder with over a decade of experience in both digital and offline marketing, from the world of Manhattan ad agency life, to founding and taking his startup Gymsurfing to acquisition in Silicon Valley by the largest industry incumbent, ClassPass, to helping Toronto startups with expert advice and growth consulting.

Outside of Briza, his passions are making large sculptural art, event production, and helping people learn hands-on creative skills. He lives with his wife Marie in Toronto and has an adorable Siamese cat named Molly.